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Bertil Andreazon

Translation Services

Language Pair: English(am) to Swedish

As to the area of competence please read my profile on: http:/

You will find some references - please click here! (If you are working in Firefox open the PDF!)

Information regarding my industrial backgrund - please click here! (If you are working in Firefox open PDF!)

Rates & Terms:

Translation: EUR 0.085/US$ 0.10 per source word. Trados rates for fuzzies etc apply
Mininum rate for translation is EUR 35, US$ 40
Review: EUR 0.035/US$ 0.04 per source word.
: EUR 0.07/US$ 0.082 per word
Minimum rate: EUR 30:00/US$ 32:00
Daily rate: EUR 50:00/US$ 56:00
Hourly rate: EUR 35, US$ 40

Payment: 30 days net after date of invoice (delivery) via bank transfer. Amounts below 100 EUR/US$ by PayPal.

Bertil Andreazon
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Up-dated January 2020